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With a decade of NIH-backed R&D under our belt, science is at the core of what we do.

Patterns of attention and emotion are both habit-based and fluid. Vicious cycles of anxiety can be driven by selective perception and recall of negative information. Addiction can hijack our focus and reward systems. However, the capacity for gaming to modulate and alter the cognitive processes underlying these patterns is increasingly evident. Learn more about our extensive clinical evidence base.

Wise’s proprietary engine has been optimized through a decade’s worth of neuroscientific research using:

In addition to our wellness product, Personal Zen, Wise is developing a pipeline of mobile games to be reviewed and approved by the FDA as standalone prescription digital therapeutics (PDTs). These prescribed treatments will include enhanced gameplay and adaptive algorithms to optimize therapeutic impact and personalize to individual play patterns and mental states.

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Our game-based approach to the cognitive training technique. Attention Bias Modification (ABM) has been widely published in leading peer-reviewed research journals.

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