Personal Zen
Digital therapeutic targeting stress and anxiety

Wise’s flagship product, Personal Zen, is a gamified micro-intervention for stress and anxiety reduction developed and validated through numerous randomized placebo-controlled clinical trials. Our proprietary engine uses the cognitive therapy technique ABMT to promote greater cognitive flexibility and alleviate disruptive habits of attention that cause and sustain anxiety.



We have integrated our engine into a an engaging, gamified experience for the user. Moreover, Personal Zen is a micro-intervention so it is time-effective: Using it just a few minutes a day, a few days a week effectively reduces feelings of stress and anxiety, strengthens well-being, and builds stress resilience.


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“Zoom is good for many things, but it’s not good for inspiration. When face to face, we’re able to bounce off each other and spark new ideas, and you just can’t problem-solve on Zoom as well,” said psychologist and CUNY professor Dr. Tracy Dennis-Tiwary in an interview with NBC New York.

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Wise Therapeutics (Wise), a developer of game-based digital therapeutics such as the mental wellness product Personal Zen, has today announced its intention to pursue FDA clearance across three target indications; alcohol use disorder, multiple sclerosis-related anxiety, and perinatal anxiety. 

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With social distancing, work from home and other lockdown norms in place almost everywhere, there has been a significant surge in stress and anxiety levels, especially among essential workers, Gen Z and millennials

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Our Founders


Dr. Tracy Dennis-Tiwary

Co-Founder and Co-CEO

Dr. Tracy Dennis-Tiwary is a leading clinical psychologist who has specialized in digital mental health through applied behavioral and neuroscientific research.


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raj new

Raj Amin

Co-Founder & Co-CEO

As a seasoned technology entrepreneur and 4X founder, Raj has built and scaled dozens of successful products in industries including healthcare, media, and transportation.


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